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Pregnancy Pilates

Pregnancy Pilates

Prenatal Pilates is a wonderful way to support your body during such a beautiful time in your life.

Whether you are currently exercising or just beginning your journey, Pilates in either a private or small group setting is the perfect way to support your body throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

The first step to starting Pregnancy Pilates  with Narelle is to book in your 1st of 2 private sessions.

During your first session, we will review your history, discuss your goals, assess your movement and posture, discuss pelvic floor and core activation, and introduce you to the fundamentals of Pilates.

Following your 2 private sessions, we can discuss your attending studio group sessions which are 2-3 persons or continuing with private sessions if this would best meet your needs.

'Having experienced the benefits of Pilates throughout 2 of my own pregnancies and beyond, while managing lower back issues, I just love to support women during this precious time'  Narelle - Inspire Pilates


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