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'Narelle runs excellent classes and is always kind and welcoming to new faces. I also appreciate her ability to challange all levels of fitness and help me keep strong during pregnancy. Highly recommended'

J Hart

'I am so lucky to have chosen Narelle and inspire Pilates during my pregnancy. I have had chronic back pain for 15 years, I was nearly disabled during my previous pregnancy. I went through this pregnancy without a sore back and felt amazingly more strong and capable. Narelle planned every lesson and changed it depending on how I was feeling on the day.

I have now had my baby and and continuing Pilates weekly and still feel so strong even with the little amount of sleep I am getting with a newborn and a 5 year old.

Thank you so much, highly recommended.' K Davis

'Narelle is a very caring & knowledgeable instructor 
Her main focus is to strengthen your glutes & core for better posture & is very mindful of any injuries you may have & endeavours to release them & then strengthen to avoid future injuries 
There is a range of sessions to choose from including cardio for a faster pace Pilates session or private or duo for a more focused approach 
I’ve been attending these sessions for almost a year now & love the changes I’m seeing & feeling in my body 
Highly recommend Inspire Pilates 💖' N Brown

'Just love Narelle as a Pilates instructor. Such a lovely soft gentle manner and knowledgeable about the human body. Always enjoy her classes.' R Parsons

'Inspire Pilates has given me confidence again. It has been a life-saver to me after re-injuring my back at the gym and provided me with unique tools to help my breathing, core strength and overall healthy mentality.

I would absolutely recommend giving it a try as it works for all fitness levels.Love my weekly session.' T Lewis

'Narelle is an amazing woman, teacher & friend. She is passionate about your health, your goals and your body. I can highly recommend Narelle as a Pilates Guru / teacher / coach. Call me for a reference!' E Dornan

'My first session with Narelle this morning and I loved it. Eased me into the correct breathing technique which I have trouble with, but I will improve each session I attend and get that core strength happening.' D Campbell

'Just like to say what an awesome Pilates teacher Narelle is. I've been going to Inspire Pilates classes for a few years now and I thoroughly recommend Narelle as an instructor to anybody who is interested in looking after their body. I love our Friday morning class, it's such a great way to start the day stretching and strengthening before your day! We always have a variety of different types of classes so it's never boring. Narelle helps you with adjustment so that your form is correct and she makes everyone comfortable and welcome. Pilates is great for everyone and I wish I had started it earlier although it's never too late to start taking care of yourself. Thanks Narelle' B Gilchrist

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