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Connecting with Self

As women, we are so busy caring for the needs of others, we can move from one task to the next and get caught up in this role and at some point, we realise we have lost ourselves. Sometimes this happens in small doses and we recognise and regroup, and at other times, it can go on for so long that we don’t recognise it or we do and choose to ignore it as we are too busy to stop and think about what is actually happening and what we can do about it.

Sounding familiar? Let’s turn that around then!

There are some very simple ways to reconnect with yourself. It doesn’t have to be huge chunks of time out of each day, if we think like this, then taking the next step is unlikely.

I like to think about all the small things that I do or have done that help me to feel balanced and connected with self and then focus on a couple of those things for the week.

Some ways to do this could be;

  • gratefulness - upon waking taking 3 deep breaths and sending out thoughts of gratefulness for waking up to such a glorious day (and yes, glorious doesn’t just belong to days free from clouds and full of sunshine!)

  • be still - finding a quiet space at some point in the day to sit and be still – close your eyes or gaze at beautiful surrounds and just breathe. If you need more focus to this time…again being thankful for something, perhaps even thanking yourself for the wonderful person that you are or for taking the time out of your day to just ‘be’

  • reflection – we all experience many situations throughout the day. Reflecting on how your felt, thought or acted during and following those situations is a wonderful way to connect with self, with your feelings, with who you are.

  • music – sounds we are surrounding in can have an impact on your day. Do you have some music you can play that brings joy to your heart or inspires you to sing or dance? We are lucky these days with the internet to be able to search and play our favourite musicians, genre or era at the touch of a button.

  • play – have you watched children play lately? So carefree and easy. When did we stop playing? Hopefully you haven’t or its just on pause and you can hit the restart button! Join the kids, play with your pets, invite friends over for a boardgame, go out for a social trivia night.

  • exercise – all forms of exercise have their place, however doing something that helps you focus on your mind and body is a beautiful way to restore connection. Walking in nature, practicing pilates or yoga or whatever exercise you enjoy that allows you to focus on you and your body.

Start or reignite your journey to connection to self today and if you would like to be nurtured for a weekend of self-care, we can help you with that at one of our luxurious hinterland retreats.

Narelle Jones is a Pilates Instructor and Retreat Facilitator on the Sunshine Coast.

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