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Is Pilates for Every Body?

Every Body benefits from strength, flexibility and movement. Every Body feels better with conscious breathing and connection between mind and body.

In pilates, we see people of all ages, with all types of bodies, levels of fitness and levels of pilates experience. Every person is unique, with varying awareness and connectedness to their body and emotional and mental state. Every person has different physical needs depending on their body size and shape, injuries and medical conditions. And we can all be and feel different on different days. As Pilates Practitioners, it’s our role to provide all those different people with the experience that they want and need.

No matter what age, gender, size, shape, physical restrictions or injuries, Every Body can do pilates and experience the benefits.

What are people looking for in pilates?

In my experience, people want to:

  • reduce and manage pain

  • increase strength and flexibility

  • rehabilitate following injury

  • enhance sporting performance

  • improve balance and functional movement, particular for older people

  • better posture

  • meet and connect with other people

  • a sense of health and wellbeing

“Pilates is the complete coordination of body, mind and spirit”  ~ Joseph Pilates ~

When we are connected in our pilates practice, our body, mind and spirit are aligned. As Instructors, our greatest joy is helping people experience the benefits of pilates, no matter who they are. So yes, pilates is for Every Body.

Narelle Jones, Pilates Instructor and Retreat Facilitator

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