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Retreats - what's in it for me?

Following on from last weeks chat "Taking Time out for YOU"… let’s talk retreats. Do you go on regular retreats? Or perhaps think about it but have never booked one? Maybe you’re a little unsure of what you could expect from a retreat?

I’ve been on a few retreats in recent years. They were all very different in terms of locations, cost, quality, type (yoga, pilates, general) and I would say that I benefited from each one in a different way. In saying that, the common experiences across them all is that they provided a safe space where I can just ‘be’… no hustle and bustle of my daily life to invade my thoughts, opportunity for time alone or time with others depending on my needs, nourishing food, plenty of sleep (always high on my list!), the opportunity to connect with new people and to learn something new – whether it's about myself or a new area of interest.

I like to go on retreat without any great expectations of what I will get out of it, other than just feeling Relaxed, Rejuvenated and Reconnected (to self or others).

If I come away feeling like I have benefited in those three ways, my peace is restored and I feel a renewed sense of vitality.

Lets look at some things you get to enjoy whilst on a retreat...

Beautiful, nourishing food

Who doesn’t love to be totally looked after when it comes to nourishing their body! Whether you are a fantastic cook or not, eat healthy all the time or not, being on retreat and experiencing the fruits of someone else’s healthy, nutritious cooking, is complete joy to the tastebuds and your body!


Most retreats will incorporate meditation into the program. We all know meditation is great for our mind and body, however in our fast-paced world we don’t always get the time to turn off our thoughts. Meditation is such a soothing practice, clearing your mind is energising in its own way and can provide you with clarity to reflect and recharge.


We have all heard about the benefits of journaling. Maybe you've always planned on doing this activity at some point in your life, but never got around to it, let alone doing it as a daily self-care practice. What a beautiful way to begin or perhaps reconnect with this practice… on retreat, where you have time to be still, reflect and perhaps make plans for the future. There is no right or wrong way to journal. Journaling may involve writing about what you have done, what your thoughts or feelings are, or what you would like to learn or change. Journaling whilst on retreat is a way for you to take your experience home with you.


A retreat will usually include some form of exercise like yoga, pilates, walking, dance, stretch, swimming… and whilst we know that exercise is great for our mind and body, not everyone loves all types of exercise. Choosing a retreat that offers something physical that you will enjoy is important. The beauty of retreats is that you get to participate in as much or as little as you like. Why not go home feeling a little stronger, a little more flexible or perhaps a newfound love for exercise!


Show me a person who doesn’t enjoy connecting with others! The benefits of connections are many, we can experience love, acceptance, happiness, shared stories, learnings, growth, skills, wisdom, support and so the list goes on. In a space where no one really knows you or your past, your dreams, your fears…you can just ‘be’ and you will draw those people to you that you need at this time in your life. There is always something to learn from connections with others and what better place to be open to this than whilst on retreat… a space that is safe, tranquil and supportive… the connections may last a life time or just for the duration of the retreat…but be assured each and every connection will have some impact on your life.


You will be sure to go home from a retreat feeling inspired in some way… how can you not when you have had the time to reflect and gain clarity about you and your life. As I leave a retreat, I feel light, supported, peaceful, balanced and ready to move forward…with inspiration!

Inspire Balance Pilates Retreats welcomes you to view our Upcoming Retreats - you may just find the inspiration you need 😊

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